2017 - Media in the age of Artificial Intelligence

21-11-2017 14:00 - 17:40
European Parliament Brussels - Altiero Spinelli (ASP) 3E-2





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Chair: Eva KAILI, MEP and STOA Chair
  • 14.00 - 14.15       Introduction
                                         Eva KAILI, MEP and STOA Chair
                                         Carlos MOEDAS, European Commissioner for Research, Science & Innovation
  • 14.15 - 15.00       Keynote Lecture: How AI and algorithms manage flows of information
                                         Nello CRISTIANINI, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of Bristol
  • 15.00 - 16.30       Panel: Information in the age of AI
                                         Moderated by David WHEELDON, Sky
                                         Michail BLETSAS, MIT Media Lab
                                         Michiel KOLMAN, International Publishers Association & Elsevier
                                         Andreas VLACHOS, University of Sheffield
                                         Jon STEINBERG, Google
                                         Richard ALLAN, Facebook
                                         Algorithms in Action: A Collaborative Case Study
                                         Yannis KLIAFAS, Athens Technology Center
                                         Wilfried RUNDE, Deutsche Welle

16.30 - 17.15       Public Debate

                                         Moderated by David WHEELDON, Sky
  • 17.15 - 17.30       European Science-Media Hub
                                         Eva KAILI, MEP and STOA Chair
                                         Paul Rübig, MEP and First STOA Vice-Chair
  • 17.30 - 17.40       Closing Remarks
                                         Ramón Luis VALCÁRCEL SISO, MEP and EP Vice-President responsible for STOA